Beyond Demons and Protectors


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Is this where we will make our final stand then? At least we will go together, though the thought is hardly any consolation. I grab a hold of Ash’s hand and pull her up off the cold, hard ground. She is barely able to stand on her own at this point, but I know she is never going to give up. I grab a tight hold of her from behind to keep her upright. I glance over her shoulder in time to see the unstoppable mass of the Darkness growing larger and larger, slowly devouring everything in his destructive path.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The amazing story of soul mates, Ash and Emmett, continues in book two of the exciting Beyond Heights and Depths trilogy.

Life should be wonderful for Emmett and Ash. They have done the impossible. Against all odds, they have traveled to the depths and back, faced the Master, and even cheated death to remain together. But their relationship is becoming increasingly more difficult every day. To make matters worse, a new foe is making his presence known, a foe so powerful he fears no one in this world or any beyond it. The soul mates are quickly learning that the challenges are only just beginning.

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