Monday, September 23, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite "Castle" Episodes

I realize I could be blogging about any number of things. There's so much going on in my life, I could write on a number of topics. However, tomorrow is the beginning of a new season of "Castle." I don't watch much television, but I really like this show. So, since a new season is getting ready to begin, I thought it would be fun to post my 5 favorite episodes - honestly, I could list way more than 5, but that would be way too long.

Starting with Number 5:

5. The Lives of Others - This was a great 100th episode. Castle witnesses a murder across the street from his place, but no one believes him. I really enjoyed the "Rear Window" feel of the episode. The surprise at the end was epic. There isn't much about this episode I didn't like.

4. Knockdown - C'mon, who wasn't dying to see Castle and Beckett kiss? Sure, it was a distraction, but what a distraction it was. Plus, Castle jumps on the bad guy and knocks him silly. Ryan and Esposito show how tough they are. This was a good episode for all the characters.

3. Tick, Tick, Tick/Boom! - I know what you're thinking. I am cheating by putting in a two-parter, but you really can't talk about one without the other. I suppose you could, but then you would be left to wonder what happens after Beckett's apartment explodes. I also thought the entire plot was interesting. I like the idea of them chasing down a killer with a "Nikki Heat" obsession.

2. Still - Beckett steps on a pressure-plate bomb. Castle refuses to leave her side. There's a joke about all of Beckett's hair style changes over the years. This episode had a little of everything, literally. All the flashbacks from the past seasons were fun to watch.

1. Kill Shot - Honestly, this episode is the reason I watch this show. I had seen quite a few episodes before, but I was never really into this show. Seeing Beckett deal with PTSD, watching her breakdown, then seeing her get through it changed my entire perception of the show. I was hooked after this episode. Therefore, this episode has to be my number one. Without it, I might not be writing this post at all.

Well, these are my 5. To be quite honest with you, my favorites change from time to time, but these are my 5 for now. Honorable mention goes to: The Blue Butterfly, Knockout, Rise, Cuffed, Slice of Death, A Rose for Everafter, and pretty much every episode from any season. There's just so many to choose from!

Now you know my 5 favorites. I'd love to hear which ones are yours. Please feel free to comment. Tell me which episodes you love and why. Above all else, don't forget to watch the premiere of Season 6 tonight.

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