Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sometimes Christmas Sucks

Christmas is right around the corner. It's kind of hard to believe that Christmas is so close. This past year went by so fast.

This year I am attempting to turn myself into one of those crazy Christmas people that I have often talked poorly of. The house is decorated. The tree has been ready since the end of November. I've also been watching every single Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. Seriously, I can rate and tell you about any of them. Feel free to ask.

This week, though, this is not what my post is about. I know this is the season for joy and giving. This is the season when we all try to be the best version of ourselves. I just want to take the time to acknowledge those that are struggling during this season. For many, Christmas just plain sucks, and I can understand that. I used to be one of them for many years.

Please keep in mind that there are folks that have lost loved ones this past year, and this is their first Christmas without their loved ones. There are folks who are struggling to pay their bills and can't afford to buy a single gift for anyone. I know quite a few people that suffer from depression, and for them, Christmas is miserable. Moreover, I know a number of people who are just plain struggling this year, and the thought of Christmas coming is not a reason for them to smile.

Please keep these folks in mind. Their lives matter, too. Say a prayer for them. Take the time to extend some kindness to someone who really needs it. I know it is an exciting time. A lot of us get caught up in the gift buying, parties, and other holiday events, but I really hope we can make Christmas special for some folks who could really use a break. Enjoy the holidays, everyone! Whenever possible, please do something to help someone, not because you want something in return, but because you could really make a difference in someone's life.

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