Sunday, June 14, 2015

Of all my posts on music and the soundtrack for Beyond Heights and Depths

Music plays a huge part in my life, as I'm sure it does for many of you. I've done a few posts on music in this blog. I've talked about the power of music to help people through break-ups. I often talk about how music can be therapeutic. I feel like music can transport me to a time and place in my memories like nothing else can. Certain songs take me back to a specific time and place in my life. I mean, even Christmas music is a necessity for me to really get into the spirit of the season.

Thus, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that it never occurred to me to make a playlist or soundtrack for any of my books. Someone asked me recently, "Did you have any songs in mind for certain parts of your books, or were you listening to specific songs or types of music?" The answer is: of course! I just never thought to put any of it out there for anyone to see. So, with this post, I am listing the soundtrack to accompany my first book, Beyond Heights and Depths.

After a lot of thought and consideration, I feel these are the songs that best go with my first book. These are the songs I was listening to when I was writing. These are the songs I hear when I read it now. The complete soundtrack list is below and the music player is at the top of the page. Have fun listening! I hope you all enjoy the soundtrack!


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